Tax Preparation We have proven experience in all aspects of income tax preparation. We provide fast, accurate, professional service at an affordable rate. Let us navigate the sea of tax law changes and make the complex understandable for you at a fraction of the cost. Refund/Payment Options Direct Deposit- IRS will deposit your refund directly into your bank account in approximately 8 to 15 days. If you choose a bank product the PERC can also be direct deposited to your account. Check in the Mail- IRS will mail your check to the address listed on your tax return in approximately. This option will take up to 4 weeks. Instant Loan-Receive up to $1000.00 against your anticipated tax refund in just a few minutes. RAL (Refund Anticipation Loan)- NEED YOUR MONEY FAST! This enables you to get a loan from our provider bank against your anticipated tax refund in 24 hours or less.* No out of pocket expenses because your tax preparation fees are deducted out of you refund. *subject to bank qualifications PERC (Preferred Electronic Refund Check)- This is not a loan. Refund is not received until refund is received from IRS. Fees are deducted. No out of pocket expenses. Direct deposit is available with this product as well. Direct Debit- Pay your taxes hassle-free with Direct Debit. With this option you can have you tax liability debited from you checking or savings account. Accounting & Bookkeeping Tax Wizardz accounting and bookkeeping services are the perfect solution for companies that don't have a full-time accountant on staff. We provide our clients with the power of a big accounting firm at a fraction of the price. As a business owner, more than likely you put off bookkeeping, substituting it with generating sales for your company. Let us count the beans and save you the expense of hiring and training an employee. · We identify areas where you can cut costs and increase profit margins through good accounting. · We help you understand how to use that data to make profitable business decisions. · We can show you how to make sense of your company's financial data. · We help you make business decisions based on data, not just gut instinct. · We help business owners reduce their taxes, improve, profits, and manage their cash flow. Property Management Tax Wizardz is committed to making the property management process as simple and cost-effective as possible. From tenant selection to rent collection, repairs and beyond, we make owning and profiting from real estate property an easy investment.
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